Brandi is a self-proclaimed escapist who is passionate about writing characters that people can identify with on a personal level. Applying her own experiences to her writing, she uses her stories to navigate what it means to be a human - flaws and all.

Her bedside table is typically piled high with epic fantasies and science fiction (and papers to grade, too). She binge-watches far too much Netflix and has developed a new addiction to collecting swords. She is a mother of three and a middle school science teacher who finds every possible excuse to slip away from the demands of daily life and write.

On Enceladus, the working-class people scour the ocean bottoms for a rare element used in interstellar propulsion. The pay is awful and the living conditions even worse, but none of that matters to Mera. She's only there for one reason, but as she searches to find the truth about her mother, she discovers that her employer is keeping a dark secret. Now she finds herself championing a cause she never signed up for. But what can one girl do to help the people forgotten beneath the ice?

There are things about vampires we were led to believe. They are killed by the sun. They drink human blood. They are crazed killers. Lies. We were fed these myths to make us feel safe. The truth? They are genius-level sociopaths that walk freely in the light. They re-engineered society to normalize the harvest of humans with A- blood. But they have a weakness - water. In a world where humans are a precious commodity, the most sought-after hide and pray to every god they know to let it rain.

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