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Not complete, but coming soon....

Books In-Progress

One of my greatest pastimes is starting new stories. These range from Fantasy, New Adult Fantasy, and Science Fiction. I have even dabbled with Young Adult Paranormal. While none of them are finished yet, they are ever-present in my plans! Look for The Mage Crown (Book 2 of The Immortal Coil Saga) in 2023 and Fall Below sometime in late 2022.

Curvy Tree Road
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The Mage Crown

Book 2 of The Immortal Coil Series.


Amarynn, an elite warrior, wanted release from her immortality or to be returned to her own world. Now, thanks to the evil mage Venalise, she has recovered her memories and knows her former home is nowhere she wants to be. Venalise and the child with raw magic, Sia , are on the run.


It is up to the Travelers of Karth's Legion who must find them before she and the child are able to summon an army and continue Venalise's quest to conquer their part of the world. Amarynn's last hope of finding a life she wants is lost to a union between two powerful kingdoms. Jael's betrothal to Caeda of Vhaleese has sealed Amarynn's lonely immortal existence and now she must fight for a kingdom she does not care for and a prince she cannot love.


Fall Below

Mera is a daughter of the wealthy elite on Enceladus, one of Saturn's icy moons being scoured for its unique supply of a rare element used in interstellar propulsion. Its working-class people are trained to collect and contain Enceladus' rare bounty but they are used and discarded without care, and Mera has had enough.


But what can one girl do to make a difference for a people forgotten beneath the ice?

Above the Clouds
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