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The Gate is the first book in The Immortal Coil Saga. 

The Gate

Amarynn is a warrior and she hates her life. She can't remember where she came from and she desperately wants it all to end. But there's one problem with that. She's immortal.


She's also made a terrible mistake. Giving away immortal secrets in exchange for a promise to end her life seemed like a good idea at the time. Amarynn knew she shouldn't have trusted Venalise, a dark mage hidden in the mountains, but desperate times call for desperate measures.


Now, Venalise has kidnapped the only other mage capable of granting Amarynn her death wish along with the magical stone called the Gate - the key to everything immortal. Amarynn was prepared to handle it on her own, then he stepped in. The Crown Prince of Karth could not be stopped from following Amarynn on her mission. He may be second-in-command of the Legion she serves and heir to the throne, but a strange and different bond begins to form that neither one of them understands.


Together they risk everything to recover what has been stolen. Failure means Venalise will have the power to create immortal warriors like Amarynn. If that happens, the wars between kingdoms will never end. It also means Amarynn will continue to live forever. But now that she's gotten close to the the prince, she doesn't know if that's a bad thing after all.


Cover by KM West Creative


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