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Books Need Soundtracks

When I write, music is a must. I have a handful of friends that say writing with music is distracting, but I'm not sold. You see, I am an escapist. I write fantasy and science fiction, so I am immersed in a worldscape that isn't comparable to the "real" world. Also, I'm pretty sure I would have a running soundtrack for my personal life if that was truly possible.

1976 - My mother takes me to see Benji (one of the many Benji movies... can't remember which one). There is a pivotal moment in the movie where Benji is hurt. I begin to bawl. I am crying so hard, my mother has to take me out of the theater. Once outside, a kind teenager behind the concession counter tries to comfort me by saying "It's ok! Benji doesn't die!". I just looked at her and said "I don't care if he dies. It's the music that's making me cry!"

1990- I am a senior in high school and I was poised to study music in college. I had vocal scholarships to several schools and had studied music since I was four years old. So here was my moment... You see, Berklee College of Music had accepted me as a film score student. I was actually going to learn how to bring visual stories to life musically. And, of course, I chickened out.

Fast-forward thirty years. Did I major in music?


For 2 years.

Did I learn to write film scores?

Nope. I learned how to write stories (and manage healthcare facilities, but that's neither here nor there).

I did, however, develop a keen appreciation for certain film score composers (James Newton Howard, Henry Jackman, Audiomachine, Epic North, Mark Petrie) and now I drink up their music like water.

Present day - I am in the final months leading up to the release of my very first novel.

My. First. Novel.

A book with my name on it. <insert giddy giggles>

It's happening, but it couldn't have happened without the music. I have discovered that my passion for accentuating storytelling alongside music runs very, very deep. So deep, I have playlists for every type of scene. I even have playlists for characters. I once attempted to create a playlist with the intention that it be listened to as you read my book (but that was silly because no one reads at the same pace - I get this now.)

So, if you read my books, know that they all have their own soundtrack. I'm even going to create a page on my website where I'll post some of them. It is another way to let you into my head., my characters' heads... and most importantly, our hearts.

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